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  1. Po’s regular vet is 101 Paws Veterinary Center

    1. 101 N 10th Ave, Bozeman, MT 59715

    2. (406) 577-2061

    3. Open 9AM – 5PM Mon-Fri

    4. If you call and leave a message outside of hours, they can usually help,
      so try that first unless it's an emergency. 

  2. Emergency Vet during the day/early evening – Wellhaven Pet Health

    1. 216 N 8th Ave, Bozeman, MT 59715

    2. (406) 587-2946

    3. Open Sat & Sun 9AM – 9PM

    4. Open Fri 8AM – 9PM

    5. Open Mon – Thur 8AM – 6PM

  3.  24/7 Emergency Vet - Pet Emergency Trauma Services

    1. 1103 Reeves Rd W, Bozeman, MT 59718

    2. Open 24/7

    3. (406) 587-3996


  1. Po is an indoor only cat. Do not let him out.

  2. If you don’t see/scoop any pee for 24 hours, he may have a urinary blockage. Please call me or text me if this happens. This shouldn't happen since he is on a medical diet. His pee is usually in big lumps in the litter box, whereas the poop looks like poop, ha. 

  3. He cannot have any other types of food/treats. The above might happen if he has anything other than his prescription food. Only give him his wet & dry foods as noted below. You can use some kibbles as treats at night


  1. Give Po 1 big heaping scoop of kibbles.

    1. Under the sink.

  2. Give Po ½ container of wet food.

    1. Under the sink.

    2. Cover the rest of the food in the container with the cat food cover on the drying rack and put in the fridge to use in the evening.

    3. You’ll have to clean his wet food bowl each time you feed him. You can use any of the sponges/brushes.

    4. Use the small yellow handled knife on drying rack to chop up his food.


  1. Give Po ½ container of wet food.

    1. In the fridge.

  2. He can’t have any treats because of his special diet. I give him a few kibbles in his bowl as if they are treats in the evening.


  1. Scoop litter at least 1 time a day.

    1. In the Laundry Room.

    2. Use the litter trash can and pull out the grey tab so the litter goes into the can


  1. His water bowls should be good for the weekend, but please fill up if they look low.

  2. If you use the bathroom, please close the toilet lid when you're done. He has fallen in before lol. 

  3. He has a little cat nip bowl in the office downstairs. There is more catnip in the plastic drawer set under the desk in the top drawer. Put a couple scoops of catnip in the bowl if it looks low. 

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